Studio 81 was first started by a passionate, self taught, graphic designer. While recovering from surgery, our co-founder, decided to teach himself photoshop and general graphic design skills. After gaining valuable experience via micro job sites, Dominic decided to move to the next level in his graphic design career. This is when our company came into being.....


While our company is founded on providing the higest quality designs, with the very best customer service, we are a dynamic, energetic, passionate, yet focused & multi-skilled, web design & freelance graphic design company. With our dedicated, in-house, freelance design team, we create fully branded, custom built business websites, among other design services. We work closely with you, throughout your project duration, to complete all designs and project requirements to the HIGHEST OF STANDARDS.



Logo Design, Business Card Design, Company Stationary Design, Business Flyer Design, Brouchure Design, Company Appreal Design, Packaging Design, Printed Ad Banner Design, Menu Design, Printed/Digital Book Cover Design, DJ Flyer Design, Online Ad Banner Design, Social Media Page Design, Social Media Ad Design, Social Media Post Design, YouTube Page Design, Website Banner Design,  Website Design, Online Radio Station Creation, Podcast Websites, Online E-Commerce Websites, Gaming & Live Streaming Websites (Youtube & Twitch streaming), Stream Overlays & Graphics, Custom Streaming Servers & Players. All Other Design Work On Request...

If You Do Not See Your Project Here, Please Get In Touch To See What We Can Do For Your Business & New Porject....

Our Services...
How Does It Work?

Upon receiving a request for a quote from you, we will want to know some things from you about your exciting new project. We would want to know things like.......


What you need! Do you require a logo design? Do you require full social media branding/revamps? Do you require printed or digital media, such as online ad banners, or are your ad banners going to be printed? Do you need a business website? Or is your website going to be an online radio station? Do you need a custom stream website with Twitch or YouTube integration? What is your project time scale? Do you need your new logo within 24 hours? What are your design preferences? Do you have examples of designs you like? More importantly, do you have an idea, & examples of, design styles you dislike?


The more information you can provide, in the first instance, will negate the need for a lengthy consultation process. After all, "Time is money.", right? The consultation process, with your dedicated project manager, usually can be completed within a few conversations. Please bear in mind though that all projects and all requested design are different.


Once we know your project requirements & have agreed the direction your project should take, we require an up front payment of 50% to start the design process. Once your payment has been recieved, we will begin the process of starting your design/project. We always offer unlimited revisions on all designs & projects. This means that if the design concept we deliver, in the first instance, is not to your liking, we will conplete a new concept for you totally free of charge. 


Once we have completed your final design, that you are 100% happy with, we will then deliver your final files. We always deliver all designs with multiple file formats. The final files will always be delivered with the original photoshop PSD & Illustrator (vector) AI files. This is done so that, should you require another designer to work with the files in future, you have peice of mind that they can get on with this work without having to request files from us. 


For website design:

Should you require a new website design & build, there are also some things you should consider before contacting us. Things like, what is the aim of your website? Is it a standard business website listing who you are, your services and what you offer, including contact info and forms? Do you have your logo files in PNG (on a transparent background) and master AI formats? 


Do you require an online store/shop? Do you have all of your product information ready to hand? Do you have your product pictures to hand? Do you require Paypal integration only? Or do you require multiple payment gateways? Do you require custom payment gateways like bitcoin or digital currencies?


Do you know what website domain name you want for your new website? Have you done any research to see if your domain name is available? Or is that something you want to leave to us? We also offer advice on domain name registration & work closely with you to secure your requested domain name. If your requested domain name is not available, we will work closely with you, via your dedicated project manager, to secure a domain name that is as close to your desired name as possible.




Once you have considered all of the options you would need for your new business website, it is time to start the consultation process. We will consult with you to understand all of the project requirements, including any other requirements you have for your new business website. This can usually be done within 1 or 2 conversations with your dedicated project manager. Once your project has been agreed, we again require a 50% up-front payment to start the design process for your website. This payment also covers things like your domain name registration and server space allocation.


For website builds:

After your website has been designed, in concept, we will present you with the new design in picture format. We will email you with pictures of all of pages of your new website, including close ups of any graphically heavy sections of your website.  Things like your headder image or product pictures ect... Should your new design need any tweeks or updates, we always offer unlimited changes for FREE!


Fully happy with your new design, it is now time to start the build stage of your new website. This is the stage we require a 25% payment from you to begin the build process. The build process is usually very fast for standard, none ecommerce or specialist websites. We usually complete a website build within 24 hours of agreeing to move forward.


After building your new business website, we then come back to you for feedback on the build. This is the point that your new website will be live to the internet with its own domain name. Should there be any changes or amendments you want to make to the design of the website, before you start advertising the website, Please let us know at this stage. We are always happy to do this FREE of charge.


Congratulations! You now have a new, fully featured, professional website for your business. Once youre website has been built & you are fully happy with it, your final 25% payment will then be due.